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Just for fun, here is the cover.

The Foreword by Ken Williams.

 Part I, Installation and Configuration

Part I describes some of the ways many ways to customize your mod_perl installation and gets you ready to test the recipes in the chapters to follow.

The Introduction to Part I gives some of the background of a mod_perl installation, and maps out how the rest of the book will unfold.

Chapter 1, Installing mod_perl, is there to present just a few of the many ways you can create a mod_perl-enabled Apache server.

 Part II, The mod_perl API

Part II takes you from the Apache request object through the creation of your own handlers. It also shows ways in which the mod_perl API extends the Apache C API and offers ways to finely tune your server for optimal performance.

The Introduction to Part II introduces the idea of the request cycle and request handlers that are expanded upon in the chapters to follow.

Chapter 3, The Apache Request Object, freely available from Sams Publishing, begins the real journey into the realm of mod_perl and its API. It is here that you will begin to see how mod_perl integrates and extends Apache's internal framework.

Chapter 4, The Apache Server Object, freely available from, shows how you can use mod_perl to alter the behavior of Apache at its most base level.

Chapter 7, Creating Handlers, is where the fun begins. It is here that you will learn how to put the mod_perl API to work and begin creating your own applications.

 Part III, Programming the Apache Lifecycle

Part III describes each phase of the Apache request cycle in detail, from the basic functionality of each phase to some of the more creative uses the mod_perl API offers.

The Introduction to Part III shows how all of the phases of the request are integrated and presents a high-level overview of the Apache lifecycle.

Chapter 13, The PerlAccessHandler, PerlAuthenHandler, and PerlAuthzHandler, covers the various aspects of resource control, including Basic and Digest authentication.

Chapter 16, The PerlLogHandler and PerlCleanupHandler, shows some interesting approaches to logging the request.


The Appendices offer bits of information hinted at throughtout the book, including mod_perl build options, HTTP status codes, and resources relevant to all mod_perl developers.

Appendix B lists useful mod_perl constants for quick reference.

Please remember that all online material is Copyright 2002 Sams Publishing. Thanks.