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No single book can completely cover the dynamic, complex, and ever-changing world of mod_perl, Perl and Apache. The following essential resources provide complete background information and all the latest news and developments.

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 Online Resources

Perl and mod_perl are constantly changing. To keep up to date with all the latest developments you can turn to a number of great web sites and mailing lists devoted to mod_perl.

The Apache Foundation's Apache/Perl Integration Project Site

All mod_perl developers have this site at the top of their bookmarks. Not only can you download the latest releases of mod_perl, you will also find a plethora of links and documentation.

The modperl Mailing Lists

The main mod_perl list,, is a place where you can ask questions particular to any aspect of mod_perl - as with any mailing list of this sort, concise questions, with basic information on operating system, module versions, etc., will make answering such questions easier. The read-only list sends out periodic announcements of interest to the mod_perl world. is a list specific to promoting the use of mod_perl in general. The last two lists relate to mod_perl development - is where to discuss more technical issues of mod_perl, including bugs and features, while sends out a message when changes to the mod_perl cvs sources occur.

The Official Apache Module List

This is the official list of modules contributed to CPAN that are specific to mod_perl.

The mod_perl Guide

The mod_perl Guide, the latest version of which is available at this site, contains valuable information on how to set up and use mod_perl, and also describes some common pitfalls often encountered in a mod_perl environment.


These two quick reference cards contain information valuable to the mod_perl developer, such as mod_perl API methods, Apache configuration directives, and HTTP status codes.


ActiveState maintains ActivePerl, which has become the standard Perl binary release for Win32 (Linux and Solaris binary versions are also maintained). At this site you can find links to where to download these packages, as well as fairly complete set of documentation for Perl, including a FAQ for Win32 users.

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN)

CPAN (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) is the main repository for both the official Perl sources and also contributed modules. The first link above describes CPAN - see also the link to the CPAN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which answers commonly asked questions about CPAN - while the other links are to CPAN search engines, including the documentation to most contributed modules.

This site maintains a copy of the standard Perl documentation, as well as that for most modules contributed to CPAN.

Perl Source Code

This is an experimental site that presents the perl source code in as a searchable, cross-referenced form.

General Perl Resources

These sites are the standard ones for Perl in general - here you will find news, articles, documentation, discussions, and links to other Perl sites.



These newsgroups contain discussions (often entertaining) about issues regarding Perl. comp.lang.perl.misc is for Perl in general, while comp.lang.perl.modules is for questions specific to Perl modules, including mod_perl. These two groups are unmoderated - comp.lang.perl.moderated is moderated, meaning that discussions generally are relevant to Perl and stay on topic.

General Apache Resources

These sites provide a wide variety of information on the Apache web server. You'll find downloads, documentation, discussion and other information.




There are a number of books that may be of interest to the mod_perl developer.


These books describe how to set up and use mod_perl.

cover Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C
Lincoln Stein and Doug MacEachern
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 1-56592-567-X

cover Practical mod_perl
Eric Cholet and Stas Bekman
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 596-00227-0

cover mod_perl Pocket Reference
Andrew Ford
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 0-596-00047-2


These books describe how to set up and use the Apache web server in general.

cover Apache: the Definitive Guide
Ben Laurie, Peter Laurie, and Robert Denn (Editor)
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 1-56592-528-9

cover Professional Apache
Peter Wainwright
Wrox Press, Inc.
ISBN: 1-86100-302-1

Introductory Perl

These books are standard ones for learning the essentials of the Perl programming language.

cover Programming Perl (3rd Edition)
Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 0-596-00027-8

cover Perl Cookbook
Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 1-56592-243-3

cover Learning Perl (3rd Edition)
Randal L. Schwartz and Tom Phoenix
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 0-596-00132-0

cover Professional Perl Development
Randy Kobes et al
Wrox Press, Inc.
ISBN: 1-861-00438-9

Advanced Perl

These books introduce and explain some of the more advanced features of Perl.

cover Extending and Embedding Perl
Tim Jenness and Simon Cozens
Manning Publications Company
ISBN: 1-93011-802-0

cover Advanced Perl Programming
Sriram Srinivasan
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN: 1-56592-220-4

cover Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
Joseph N. Hall, with Randal L. Schwartz
Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.
ISBN: 0-20141-975-0

cover Object Oriented Perl
Damian Conway
Manning Publications Company
ISBN: 1-88477-779-1

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