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Read what people are saying about the mod_perl Developer's Cookbook.

 Apache Week

"Although the authors cautioned that this book is by no means comprehensive, I would say that this book is as close as a book can get to become the bible of mod_perl so if you are really serious about mod_perl, then get it by all means!" [ read more...]

"Stylistically, the code presented is impeccable. The authors are well-versed in both Perl and mod_perl idiom, and are not afraid to share this with the reader. At the same time, the prose is crisp and concise, but not skimpy. Discussions following on from the recipes are quite thorough... I consider this book to be an invaluable companion to the Eagle if you're ever doing any serious work with mod_perl. It's helped me out on several occasions so far, and I expect it to do so many times in the future." [ read more...]


"This is the book that mod_perl programmers have been waiting for. The three authors are all well-known experts in the field and it's great that they have shared their knowledge through this book. If you write mod_perl applications, then you really should read this book." [ read more...]

"... If your job calls for you to work with mod_perl a great bit (and many do) then you should waste no time getting a copy for your own use. It's not for beginners who are still getting used to Perl, but it's a must-have for Perl programmers who are going to be spending significant amounts of time working with mod_perl. It might look a bit out of place next to all the O'Reilly Perl books on your shelf, but it'll be a welcome addition." [ read more...]

"The title of the book doesn't quite do it justice, whilst it does provide a vast array of recipes and example code, the authors have managed to structure the book in such a way that it provides a pretty thorough tour of mod_perl, from installation and configuration to some pretty tidy programming techniques that help get the most from apache with little effort... the authors and publishers have done such a good job, finding fault with this book becomes close to splitting hairs." [ read more...]

"The best way to measure how good one of these cookbooks is uses the amount of Post-it notes sticking out of the top and the amount of creases on the spine. By this benchmark, this is a pretty useful book." [ read more...]

"You'll find yourself lifting plenty of this code. Very, very useful." [ read more...]

"Here is the mod_perl book you've been waiting for. Using the popular "cookbook" format, this book covers all of the technical information you'll need to use mod_perl. The "recipes" are organized into chapters which cover specific topics of mod_perl development. Of special interest is the information on benchmarking and profiling your code. All in all, an excellent resource." [ read more...]

 Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

"The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook... is also an extremely valuable resource for anyone who's going to spend a significant amount of time working with mod_perl. It fills a different niche in the developer's mental toolkit." [ read more...]

 The Perl Review

"This is a welcome addition to the mod_perl library, previously populated only by Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C." [ read more...]

  Association of C & C++ Users

"This is the sort of book I like, easy to read, lots of code examples, and even more description on how things work... The book is backed up with examples on their web site... The layout is clean and easy to read with short code examples that are fully runable." [ read more...]

 Reader Reviews

"When you don't have it open for reference, the "mod_perl Developer's Cookbook" deserves a place on the "Must Have" section of your bookshelf." -- Lyle Brooks, customer review. [ read more...]

"This book is terrific! We were having problems with mod_perl memory usage and performance with our new website. This book gave us great ideas on how to implement scripts, Apache::DBI, and many other Apache parameters. But the biggest payback was in the profiling of our code. The book suggested problem areas (such as slurping files), and provided reference to Apache::DProf which is a beautiful tool for profiling. The end result has been tremendous performance increase... Kudos to Geoff, Paul and Randy on a robust, selfless and important effort!" -- Jeff Vendetti, customer review. [ read more...]

"I've recommended it to everyone I know who writes for this platform, and it is rarely more than 2-3 feet from my keyboard. Covering the subject as deeply as sub-classing the Apache classes in XS... there's very little about mod_perl you won't find in the book." -- Randy Ray, customer review. [ read more...]

"Excellent. Truly excellent. This the book that I wish I had when I started into mod_perl" -- afongen, web blog. [ read more...]

"The recipes are excellent, and the commentary on them well thought out and thorough." -- Matt Sergeant, use.perl journal. [ read more...]

"Bloody good." -- Nat Torkington, use.perl journal. [ read more...]

"... the mod_perl Developer's Cookbook is really good, and you'll have to prise it from my dead hands before I'll give up my copy." -- Mark Fowler, Slashdot reader. [ read more...]

"This is by far one of the most useful books on my bookshelf. If you have a problem just pick it up, thumb through it a bit, and find the answer. Its approach, which is very different form that of the Eagle book, was sorely needed for a long while." -- Robin Berjon, Slashdot reader. [ read more...]

"This book's approach helps me find tried and true approaches to the things I need to make mod_perl do. It's far better organized and written than the freely available documentation and covers a range of modules (many written for the book) that do things I used to do the hard way. It's clear, concise, and the material is well chosen. You'll get a lot further along on your next mod_perl project a lot faster with this book close to hand than by repeatedly scouring CPAN and the web for the modules, mail messages, and documentation " -- Barrie Slaymaker, Slashdot reader. [ read more...]

"... it is more comprehensive than the excellent Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C and is well worth the money I spent on it." -- Perl monk. [ read more...]

"This is really a book the world has been waiting for. From installation through API everything is explained and it will probably establish as the standard mod_perl reference. Anyone using mod_perl will not get along without it, or at least will not want to." -- Markus Wolf, (translation courtesy of Joerg Walter). [ read more...]

"Thanks in large part to things I learned from your book in just one week, my site went from completely unusable to immediately responsive under my peak load conditions... The recipes on performance tuning were remarkable, perfectly laid out, and exactly what I needed. Thanks again for a super book. I have barely scratched the surface of it, and it has already saved me hundreds of dollars I was ready to spend on a server upgrade." -- David Krause, private email.

"The mod_perl cookbook is excellent. I've been devouring it for the past week or so, and it so clearly illustrates the problems and their solutions that I'm running into as I implement mod_perl in favor of PHP. The examples are realistic enough to be useful, and thorough enough to show exactly how to do it. This book is just the springboard I needed into mod_perl. Kudos all around." -- Andy Lester, private email.

"mod_perl Developers Cookbook is without doubt one of the best computing books that I have read for long time. The style is easy to read, informative, authoritative, and above all, there are lots and lots of practical solutions, code examples and real world problems which are all too lacking in a lot of computer books... after the completion of this book I now have a very good understanding of exactly what I am doing and how mod_perl actually works." -- Paul Anderson, private email.